About Us

About Us

KanNadlan Real Estate Agency

Experts in scouting, marketing and managing real estate properties in Haifa.

We provide personal service to our clients.

Dedicated to understanding and customizing each property and transaction to our clients’ specific needs, as well as the precise target market for each property.


Sale * Acquisition * Investors Service and Support

Haifa is situated in a prime location in terms of the Israeli real estate development map.

Current and future projects generate growth and renewal of the city’s areas and neighborhoods.

Our agency is expert and handles:

* Targeted scouting of apartments/properties for local and international investors

* Assets sale after upgrade and renovation

* Providing an all-inclusive package of recommended professionals (attorney, mortgage consultants, renovation contractors, interior designers, etc.)

Through our unique approach, we create your safety net, towards making a successful transaction.


Real Estate Rental * Assets Management

KanNadlan – we manage, rent and market buildings in Down Town Haifa and Hadar Neighborhood, which were renovated and converted into students’ apartments and dorms.

In this area of operation, we also have close working relationships with:

The Immigration Absorption authority of Haifa City Council, The Etzion-Carmal Ulpan (The Port Campus), Israel Experience and The Jewish Agency.


Our office is located at the heart of Down Town Haifa and the German Colony, in close proximity to all the academic and commercial centers situated in these prime areas.


Let’s meet and form a prosperous and lucrative collaboration!

Meira Katz * Nessia Malek