Real-Estate Abroad

Real-Estate Abroad

Every experienced investor understands, that diversity of the investment portfolio is a key factor in risk management and distribution.

This is also the case for real estate investments.

In order to support this risk-mitigating approach, we compiled for you a range of investment options overseas, hedged with collaterals, high returns and excellent service every step of the way.

* Investments throughout the United States, as part of large projects, in which you can become partners in acquisition of building or residential sites, designated for improvement. The investments have a 5-year range, and the returns are considered the highest in the market. (The investments take place through a credible and reputable Israeli corporation).

* Acquiring an asset, owned by you, in Indianapolis, USA, and receiving a monthly cash flow through rental payment from tenants. Another option is renovating the asset and selling it at a profit (an exit).

* Acquiring assets for investment in Barcelona and its surrounding areas – a city that undergoes an incredible development and touristic growth rate. The process takes place under the supervision of an Israeli and Spanish law firms, which are entrusted with the security of your investment. This investment can yield a monthly cash flow from rental payments, while benefiting from a significant improvement potential of the asset’s value, as a result of the city’s development.